Who governs Ipswich ?

REVEALED:  the  political vacuum at the heart of our county town

We often hear criticism that “Ipswich’s Council” lacks direction, ambition and objectives. But just WHO is “Ipswich’s Council” and who specifically is responsible for strategic governance over this historic, growing town - for the 250,000 people and £8bn pa economic zone reliant upon it ? We reveal below the current, disjointed and largely unaccountable structure running Ipswich area; to expose why Ipswich has moved from Suffolk’s powerhouse to its poor relation in just 41 years !

In 1974, Ipswich entered Suffolk County Council as a strong, equal partner in a three way stake-holding. Forty years later, Suffolk’s greatest town has gone from total control over county aspects of local government; to lengthy spells with no influence or control at all. In any context this is undemocratic, damaging and unfair to Ipswich, its citizens & businesses. Devolution East Anglia - based on existing structures - will magnify the impact; risking future economic development and infrastructure for Greater Ipswich & SE Suffolk; and perpetuating the lack of control and accountability over our town. Only unitary government for our growing urban centre will deliver a fair, permanent and proportionate voice for Greater Ipswich.

Key: ICBC is County Borough of Ipswich (to 1974). SCC isSuffolk County Council; IBC is Ipswich Borough Council; SCDC is Suffolk Coastal District Council; MSDC is Mid Suffolk District Council; LEP is New Anglia LEP. PCC is Suffolk Police Crime Commissioner